Anders Nielsen

As a project manager, Anders has a solid knowledge of the building process and often works as the overall technically responsible person for the detail designs of the buildings. With a background as an architectural engineer, Anders is focused on ensuring the constructability as well as the functionality of the projects and assists in determining the main geometry of the buildings. Anders takes part in all larger design decisions in both the pre- and main project and he combines it with his great competencies within management of sub-project, including process planning and continuously monitoring. Anders has a vast knowledge within 2D/3D projecting and he masters Revit at a high level. In connection with his latest projects he has been responsible for creating extensive 3D designs of facades and floor plans.

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Anders possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the different building stages and has worked in several different scales - from the sketching phase to the overall construction and detailed design phase. Being responsible for drawing structures and the exchange of drawings, Anders has developed and tested ideas for organising drawing material and project structures. Anders has a vast knowledge of several fields of engineering and architecture ensuring a good connection between the technical disciplines and visions of each architectural project.

Several years of close collaboration with engineers and manufacturers in new construction principles, facade solutions and sprinkling have provided Anders with innovative ideas and creativity in relation to technical and geometric issues. Anders has been stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for a number of years and has performed a building review for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs designed by Henning Larsen Architects in the 1980s and he has been the project manager on The Institute of Diplomatic Studies. He has returned to Denmark and is now working on a number of Danish projects with a managing projecting role. 




Henning Larsen Architects, 2007
Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, 2006

Constructing Architect, International Degree, Copenhagen, 2006

The Danish Association of Constructing Architects


Danish, English

Selected projects

Selected projects

City Campus Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark, 20,000 m2, Assisting Project Manager
Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, 42,000 m2, Project Manager
MoFA, bygningseftersyn, Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, 85,000 m2, Project Manager
Ringsted Gymnasium, Denmark, 4,200 m2, Project Manager


Senior Constructing Architect
Phone: +45 8233 3021
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