The design of a commercial building should be based on the company’s brand, business goals, values and corporate culture. It is important that the design corresponds with the company’s identity in order to ensure that everyone – from the managing director to the employees – shares a common sense of commitment already as they walk in the front door. The same should apply to the company’s clients and partners.

We tailor the building to the specific company and also offer interior design and graphic identity solutions to make the interior match the exterior building. In addition, we attach a high priority to flexibility to make room for future extensions and changes.

At Henning Larsen Architects we highly emphasise the importance of knowledge sharing and social interaction across an organisation. Our commercial buildings therefore often include large, common and synergy-creating spaces encouraging formal and informal meetings across employees and disciplines. As often as possible, we seek to challenge conventional thinking and always add an extra dimension to projects by means of a value added to working environments, functionality, aesthetics and spatial quality. In order to see a building project through, we offer the client advice on the change process that is involved in adapting to a new building and workplace. We employ specialist consultants who handle the entire process – from user surveys to occupancy.

Sustainability in commercial building is a highly prioritised central theme and we systematically implement design optimisations related to indoor climate and energy reduction.

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