The architectural and spatial qualities should be combined with optimal logistics and technical structures. In consistently prepared hospital designs, focus is on providing an architectural framework for efficient and rational working procedures and a safe treatment environment.

A hospital in the 21st century should be organised with a focus on the individual – the whole, holistic individual. Whether an out-patient only at the hospital for a short period of time or whether seriously, perhaps critically ill and hospitalised for a long period, patients sense spaces, light, materiality and colour more deeply and profoundly than people in good health. This is an essential factor to keep in mind when designing a new hospital.

Henning Larsen Architects attaches great importance to designing worthy and inspiring hospitals that have a positive effect on any recovery process. Worthiness is a central theme in ensuring that patients experience the hospital as a welcoming and safe place to stay and as a place designed to meet the users’ needs, regardless of whether they are patients, relatives, visitors or staff.

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Research and educational building

Research and educational building

Henning Larsen Architects has many years of experience in designing educational buildings of different kinds and based on very different research and learning cultures.

A common characteristic of the buildings is that they have focus on the relationship between the social community in the buildings and the specific teaching rooms, laboratories and offices.

Modern research and learning environments should be organised to include zones for community and dissemination and zones for immersion and concentration. They should offer facilities for in-house research and learning activities and support in-house processes by means of their organisation and layout.    

Therefore, spaces and connecting facilities should be vibrant, inspiring and flexible to take into account community as well as individualism. The modern learning environment puts focus on social, common spaces and encourages community and exchange of knowledge across the various academic fields.



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