Our masterplans are always based on thorough planning and the acknowledgement that fine visions and beautiful houses do not make a city alone. We believe that urban spaces should be characterised by a vibrant and local atmosphere, which means that our approach is to look at the individual context and examine its characteristics in close interaction with the country’s culture, history, demography, climate and situation. Our goal is to achieve a strong local identity and a setting for a vigorous social life.

Henning Larsen Architects has strong focus on sustainability and we work to achieve sustainable, urban surroundings with a clear energy profile and spaces encouraging social community. City planning should encourage recycling and non-motorised traffic zones as well as formal and informal activity zones to promote a varied and healthy city life. When choosing materials and technical solutions, we consider the environmental strain and life of each building component to ensure a good balance between the building economy and operating and maintenance costs.

Our expertise and technical resources allow us to incorporate both passive and active strategies that respond to important contemporary issues, including control of solar energy, indoor daylight, air quality, energy consumption and other relevant considerations that will reduce operating costs and improve indoor working and learning environments. Our record of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious designs is demonstrated by the number of awards and publications that our green building projects have earned.

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