Residential building


Unique views, a generous inflow of light and a sense of community are keywords that describe the residential buildings designed by Henning Larsen Architects. This applies to standard family houses, terraced houses and blocks of flats. A home reflects the identity of its residents and should provide a framework for their way of life and everyday routines. A common characteristic of the company’s residential buildings in rural areas is that the rural context has been applied and implemented in the design and organisation of the residences.

Residential buildings are designed in close dialogue with the new residents. During the process, wishes and objectives, dreams and needs are incorporated into the projects. In each case, the specific qualities of the location - plot and terrain, city and landscape, views and orientation as well as neighbours - are always of great significance.

Sustainable design is a matter of course in modern residential building and Henning Larsen Architects has many years of experience with and a profound knowledge of technical solutions, considerations regarding energy supply and operation as well as energy-efficient designs.

Pragmatic analysis, development and dialogue are the primary tools of Henning Larsen Architects when designing residential buildings. The company regularly participates in a number of professional, interdisciplinary development projects regarding residential building. For instance, the company has taken part in a development project on future climate friendly residential building in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute - a project that provides direct access to state-of-the-art knowledge in the area.

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