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    • Umeå School of Architecture

      The School of Architecture in Umeå is a living laboratory for the research and development of the most important architectural tools. Here, students can immerse themselves in design, space and light, surrounded by local Nordic materials.

      • Location
        • Umeå, Sweden
      • Client
        • Balticgruppen
      • Area
        • 5.000 m² (53.819 ft²)
      • Status
      • Services
      • Team
        • White Arkitekter A/S, Rambøll Sverige AB, TM-Konsult AB, LPS Konstruktörer AB
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    • The contrast between the static and dynamic, light and dark, is the cornerstone of our design of the Umeå School of Architecture, situated on the east coast of Sweden, in the far north. From the outside, the school appears rational and rhythmical. Internally, there is a dynamic sequence of stairways, balconies, displaced levels and suspended rooms-within-rooms, in a bright and welcoming environment. The chaotic, self-propagated atrium is embraced by the drawing offices' simple, stringent design and the rhythmic window apertures along the facade. The School of Architecture is situated along the banks of the Umeå river. Ever-present nature is a source of eternal inspiration for the students, during both the summer and winter months.

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