Where art meets everyday life

The artistic decorations at Frederiksbjerg School is just as diverse as the school. Sculptures, paintings and artistic installations have been integrated in the building design and placed around the school.

Rosen Eken, the Danish artist who have created most of the art pieces at the school, explains her thoughts about her creations:

“The task was to create both big extensive creations and small almost invisible pieces. I especially loved the idea about creating pieces that you might not notice at first sight.”

She has created small portholes in the walls that you can look through and into a miniature parallel world. The miniature worlds show everyday situa-tions, a birthday party and a motor cycle repair shop.

“I work with everyday objects. It has been important to me that the children can relate to the situations and objects that the pieces present,” Rosen Eken states.

Besides the portholes, Rosen Eken has created some big wall paintings and bronze sculptures, which pictures everyday furniture and elements. E.g. one of the sculptures are an abandoned school bag. The idea is that the art is hard to separate from the reality.

According to Danish regulations public buildings have to set 1.5 % of the labor costs aside for art for the building. To make sure that the art is integrated in the design, Henning Larsen Architects factor in the decorations as early in the design process as possible.

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