Innovative and characteristic façade for Nordea Bank’s new HQ

The façade is of crucial importance to a building’s energy consumption, economy, indoor climate and identity. The façade concept for Nordea Bank’s new headquarters combines the best design, climate and energy advantages. The façade contributes to ensure efficient operating economy, lower energy cost savings and better acoustics and indoor climate. The lifespan of the façade is also prolonged and the maintenance costs are lowered compared to traditional facades.

One of the greatest challenges in relation to the design of Nordea’s extensive glass façade has been to keep the sun out to avoid excessive heat or uncomfortable reflections of light. The new headquarter is located in Ørestad in Copenhagen, an area with rough winds, which makes it difficult to place sun screens on the exterior of the building. The solution has been to design a two-layered window concept that is characterized by a relatively large space between the inner and outer glass panels, where the sensor controlled sun screens have been installed. The glass used for the glass elements is premium quality with a low level of iron, ensuring a natural representation of daylight inside. This is especially important in an office building where employees spend so much of their time.

Nordic influence
The inspiration for the façade of the new building originates from the Nordic nature and the structure of icebergs. This is visible in the façade’s fragmented and angled glass surface. Being Nordic is part of the Nordea identity and the façade symbolizes this.

The façade is designed as a unitized system. The elements were produced and quality tested in the Netherlands and transported to the construction site. By using façade elements, the installation of the façade was simplified and the process shortened. The 1,460 façade elements were installed in 58 days.

Henning Larsen Architects has designed the building and developed the innovative façade together with Scheldebouw from the Netherlands and MT Højgaard. The building has achieved LEED Platinum certification.

The client is Nordea Properties. Pension Danmark, Lægernes Pension and Nordea Liv & Pension are the investors. Landscape design by SLA, engineering in collations with Cowi and construction by MT Højgaard.

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