Axel Bluhme

As a constructing architect, Axel specialises in construction and architecture - with a particular focus on sustainable design and hospitals. His professional background has provided him with a profound knowledge of constructional processes, practical planning as well as the architectural potential of buildings. In addition, he is a competent representative of the company during construction, ensuring the realisation of the architectural visions as well as a high constructional quality. Axel was in charge of the work environment coordination at the Nordea Headquarters construction site.

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During his career, Axel has gained vast experience and constructional knowledge of particularly hospital design, ranging from detailed design to construction of research and laboratory facilities, operating wards, bed units, auditoriums, teaching rooms and office environments. Furthermore, Axel has prepared a thesis on solar cells and sustainable energy and has participated in several seminars, courses and study trips concerning passive houses and energy technical solutions.

For the Research Institute of the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Axel was primarily involved in the laboratory design, just as he both designed and supervised the construction of the outdoor facilities. Axel has strenghtened his skills in hospital design during a leave spent in Australia, where he worked at the project Macquarie University Private Hospital with responsibility for the day-to-day contact to the building site and realisation of the architectural concept. Recently Axel has been working on project design from competition to final building on Campus Roskilde including supervision and follow-up.



Henning Larsen Architects, 2010
Henning Larsen Middle East, 2010
Henning Larsen Architects, 2006
Health Projects International Pty. Ltd,

Work Environment Coordinator, 2013
Constructing architect, the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, 2006
Bricklayer, Roskilde, Denmark, 2003
Firefighter, the Danish Emergency Management Agency, 1999

Course on Sustainability, 2007
Study trip on Sustainability, Austria, 2007
Course on Passive Houses, 2007
Integrated Energy Design, 2007

The Danish Association of Constructing Architects


Danish, English, German


Selected projects

Selected projects

NCC Headquarters, Oslo, Norway, 12,000 m2, follow-up and supervision
Campus Roskilde, Denmark, 14,000 m2, follow-up and supervision
Norwegian Radium Hospital - Research, Oslo, 17,500 m2, follow-up and supervision
Danish Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Gatehouse, Riyadh, 198 m2
MoFA - renovation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 85,000 m2


Senior Constructing Architect
Phone: +45 8231 3164
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