Vejby Strand Summer House




The house features one large room of 100 m². From a centrally placed core, including two fireplaces, bathroom and a kitchen recess, four sliding doors divide the house into four smaller units – studio, living room, porch and kitchen. From a corbelled terrace you can view the surrounding fern woods and the sun setting above the slope in the distance.

The larch wooden cladding on the exterior of the house is designed to provide the interior space with a variety of light and shadow throughout the day. Furthermore, the west facade is equipped with horizontally hinged shutters that, when open, give shade to the house.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Vejby Strand, Denmark
Client: Gallery Mikael Andersen
Gross floor area: 100 m2
Year of construction: 2000 - 2000
Type of assignment: Commission


  • Vejby Strand, Denmark


Head of Communications
Phone: +45 8231 3160
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