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After the reconstruction, the factory holds a uniform and homogeneous expression. It now consists of two buildings only – the factory and the administration division. The 130 metre long front of the building towards Hobrovej presents itself as one long copper covered facade with a number of window openings, placed at a rhythm of four by four.

Unlike other factories in the area, the administration building is placed at the back of the factory, away from Hobrovej – a location, which adds a clear image and a simple appearance in contrast to the busy road. In view of the building functions, the factory appears not to have an actual ‘back’.

The facades of the production division consist of a wooden structure covered with laminated copper. The administration division is covered with light copper coffers and appears smooth against the sinusoidal structure of the production building. In the course of time, the expression of the building is refined as the copper patinates.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Støvring, Denmark
Client: Mekoprint
Gross floor area: 6,500 m2
Year of construction: 1998 - 2000
Type of assignment: Commision


  • Støvring, Denmark


Principal, Partner & Professor (Adj.), Architect MAA
Phone: +45 8233 3020
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