Concert Hall for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation




The design of the entrance space is inspired by the landscape and the new urban quarter of Ørestad. From the parking area and the elevated metro station, the design creates a grandiose, rhythmical sequence with ramps and stairs leading in between the crystal shapes of the minor music halls towards the musical experience in the grand concert hall.

Surrounded by a double shell, the concert hall appears as a wooden sculpture inside an external ceramic shell. Towards the foyer, the wooden shape of the concert hall - built as a mighty instrument - is exposed by a cut in the outer shell.

The interior of the concert hall is designed like a ‘vineyard’- a cult place where musicians and audience are united in their

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Ørestad, Denmark
Client: Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Gross floor area: 25,000 m2
Year of construction: 2001 - 2001
Type of assignment: International competition


  • Ørestad, Denmark


Partner, Architect MAA, MNAL
Phone: +45 8233 3025
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