Karolinska University Hospital




The hospital buildings are separated and interconnected by footbridges in order to ‘urbanize’ the area giving it a more integrated urban function.

In the ground level, room has been made for commercial businesses such as theatres, cinemas and gift shops for the comfort of patients and visitors. This also contributes to a more urban integration of the hospital area in the city.

With underground parking and a metro station the thoroughfares and the open space together create a logical traffic network between the urban areas. Furthermore, these areas with separate entrances and interlinked footbridges ensure a close connection between treatment and research within the specialized spheres of work. Thereby the university offers patients, visitors and personnel many different points of arrival with great accessibility.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Client: Karolinska University Hospital
Gross floor area: 270,000 m2
Year of design: 2006 - 2006
Type of assignment: Invited competition


  • Stockholm, Sweden


Partner, Architect MAA
Phone: +45 8233 3018
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