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The building is designed as a self-sufficient carbon neutral building. With optimal daylight conditions and adding productivity gains, less sick days and better indoor climate for its people. Architecture can deliver functionality in an innovative way and become the working environment of choice.

The building is iconic in its character; it is designed as a strong gesture that embraces space and the future. This gesture is about openness. It sends a strong message that Mediacorp is a responsible sustainable firm, socially as well as intellectually.

The vision is to create one strong identity, where the informal meeting and the dynamic exchanges shall be felt anywhere in the new working environments. A building that permits necessary concentration to live in close symbiosis with flexible dynamic working environments. A building where informal meeting points and exchanges happen throughout the day, and that they are spontaneous.

The spaces can set free the existing energies, so that cross-pollination of the different media units can create new synergies and unexpected projects.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Singapore
Client: MedieaCorp.
Gross floor area: 73,000 m2
Year of design: 2007 - 2007
Type of assignment: First prize in international competition


  • Singapore