Tianjin Green Business District




The city reaches out to the river as backbone of the design. Sustainable solutions are integrated on all scales from urban to architectural. The district is designed to foster a community-based green society. The plan is geared to reduce individual automobile traffic.

Instead, public collective transport and energy saving individual transport like walking and cycling are highly promoted. Accordingly, a convenient and generous foot walk and bicycle network is laid out covering the whole area. The carefully designed and positioned stops for public transport are highlighted as prominent pulses in the urban life of the district.

Green forms of transport are integrated on all scales encouraging face-to-face encounters and a highly committed local culture. Companies, investors and residents will be part of building a super sustainable city. They will benefit – not only in terms of a positive image, but also in an increased quality of life, which this sustainable green city offers them.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Tianjin, China
Client: Tianjin District
Year of design: 2008 - 2008
Type of assignment: Third prize in international competition
Partner: COBE


  • Tianjin, China