Perm Opera and Ballet Centre




With the new theatre and ballet centre, the city of Perm wishes to emphasise and maintain its position as a leading opera and ballet city after Moscow and St Petersburg. In addition to a comprehensive renovation of the listed theatre building from 1870, the area is expanded with a new building featuring a new cultural square that opens up the area to the audience and visitors.

The design elegantly unites the two buildings in a light expression where the new building reflects the tress of the adjacent park and the columns of the old theatre building. The new building of 18,000 m2 comprises a new auditorium with a room for 1,200 people as well as new, modern facilities for the users, including practice facilities for ballet, opera, orchestra and choir.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Perm, Russia
Client: Perm Krai
Gross floor area: 26,000 m2
Year of design: 2010 - 2010
Type of assignment: Finalist in international competition
Collaborators: Arup Acoustics og Carr & Angier



Sted: Perm, Rusland
Bygherre: Perm Krai (lokal myndighed)
Areal: 18.000 m2 nybyg + 8.000 m2 renovering
Opgaveform: Finalist i international konkurrence 2010
Samarbejdspartnere: Arup Acoustics, Carr & Angier


  • Perm, Russia