Klostermark School




The original project won for its strong architectural potential. The high design quality is maintained and passed on to the new building envelope which frames the school in an aesthetical and contemporary way. The main objective for the renovation has been to reduce energy consumption and achieve an improved indoor climate – and thus increased comfort and productivity among teachers and pupils. A holistic approach to the renovation has ensured that all aspects of sustainability – social, economic and environmental – have been taken into account.

The main idea of the new project is a building envelope kept apart from the existing structure. The glass shield construction makes the existing buildings stand out as floating volumes and accentuates the architectural design of the school following the sloping ground. New stairs for sitting and pausing have been established together with direct access to the classrooms from the courtyards.

Furthermore the project contains of a glass roof covering the courtyard between two wings in the building structure. The glass roof helps increasing the temperature in the wings during the winter and extends the opportunity to teach outside during the spring and fall. Superheating on hot summer days is avoided by natural ventilation systems.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Roskilde, Denmark
Client: City of Roskilde
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Type of assignment: First prize in competition (fee and technical proposal)


  • Roskilde, Denmark