New Main EPO




The building complex consists of a low base comprising public and semi-public functions, a 23-storey-high tower comprising offices and a new park area to the south. The functional layout of the base centres around the new arrivals area.

The tower is organised so that it reflects the requirement for both privacy and interation, two core needs in EPO's work environment. The two reflected modules constituting the majority of the tower are clearly divided into zones for concentrated/focused work in individual cell offices and more open zones for internal communication. The thin 'hinge' connecting the two building volumes allows daylight to pour far into the building and functions as the vertical backbone of the entire structure.

The tower is characterised by two types of facades: a three-dimensional facade by the office zones and a smooth, two-dimensional facade by the interaction zones. The sloping windows of the facade have many technical advantages. They help to reduce glaring and excess heat inside the building, while at the same time enhancing the transparency of the building and minimising the need for solar protection.

Rising up 100 metres, New Main will stand out as an icon, not only in the city's skyline but in the entire region. At the same time, the varied building symmetry offers users a magnificent view of the city and open, Dutch landscape from alle floor levels.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: The Hague, the Netherlands
Client: European Patent Office
Gross floor area: 76,800 m2
Year of design: 2013 - 2013
Type of assignment: Invited competition
Team: : Arup, Ballast Nedam, BAM-Techniek, BAM Utiliteitsbouw, OPPS, Orelse, Smits van Burgst Beveliging, Studio Wieb, Talig Landscape, Topotek1, ULC Groep, EPO


  • The Hague, the Netherlands