Sandnes Ulf Stadium




The new stadium contains both a sports centre and a school, creating a gathering point for the citizens of Sandnes. The project opens the possibilities of several functions such as fitness centre, rehabilitation centre, and an amphitheatre. In everyday life, the varying use of the building will facilitate an increase in the activities surrounding the stadium. Furthermore, the different types of cultural and sports events will gather the local community in and around the new stadium.

The distinguishing feature of the stadium is the slim and pronounced frame, which is elevated over a functional base. The frame is built as a simple and light steel-structure covered in a light and white perforated plastic canvas. The steel structure separates the grandstand from the base and gives the stadium a hovering look. The base will be constructed in a heavy material such as brick or concrete and will thus be a contrast to the light part of the stadium. The building will appear as a simple and distinctive whole.

The new Sandnes Ulf Stadium is placed along side of the existing forest. The forest works as a natural wind-breaker, which helps secure a good micro climate in, and surrounding, the stadium and the school. The school is facing towards a residential area and will adapt to the existing scale of the buildings. Furthermore, a large recreational area will connect the new school with the existing school.

By placing the stadium and school together there will be an interdisciplinary community. This means that the students everyday life will be filled with sports and movement which embeds the sports culture into the local community.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Sandnes, Norge
Client: Sandnes Ulf
Year of design: 2013 - 2014
Type of assignment: Commission


  • Sandnes, Norge



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