New Technical College Silkeborg




The new building will provide the setting for the school’s courses in Art and Creativity, Health and Gastronomy, IT and Technology,

Media and Communication as well as Design and Crafts. In addition, the new college will offer a student house of 200 residences.

The conceptual idea is based on two rings comprising the practical and academic subjects, respectively. The rings are combined so that the large ring comprising the workshops are situated in the outer periphery; while the small ring of academic teaching rooms are situated in the inner periphery. A large central atrium forms the heart of the building and will become the place where students meet and the various study fields merge.

In order to achieve direct visual contact between the workshops and the central atrium, the inner ring is cut into smaller units. These are organised and ‘stacked’ around the atrium, creating views and passages, squares and niches across the outer and inner ring – as in a city of streets and plazas. In their daily alternation between practice and academia, students will cross the central atrium and local squares, thus adding a dynamic social dimension to the school.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Silkeborg, Danmark
Client: Teknisk skole Silkeborg
Gross floor area: 22,500 m2
Year of design: 2013 - 2014
Type of assignment: Delt 1. plads i inviteret konkurrence
Certifications: Pursuing DGNB


  • Silkeborg, Danmark