Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant




The heart of the new Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant is a 20m-wide passage, which is wedged between the facility’s two main buildings. Here, visitors can peer through large glass facades along the hermetically sealed waste-cleaning system, and thereby be educated about the process. Extensive public roof gardens are dotted with skylights into the building, providing visitors with another vantage point from which to observe the treatment.

A key strategy in the design process has been to reduce the size of the non-public, restricted areas and instead divert attention to the open, accessible public zones. The Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant will act as both a sustainable resource for the surrounding community and tell the story of how we convert wastewater into clean water.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Hillerød, Denmark
Client: Municipality of Hillerød
Year of construction: 2014 - 2017

Architectural concept

Architectural concept

The challenge has been to create a robust plant, built to flexibly allow for future expansions or changes in work processes and technologies. At the same time, it must fulfil the client's ambition to create a special landmark, which is open to the public and stands as an icon of sustainable solutions.    





The entire area is programmed with recreational venues, including an amphitheatre, athletic fields and equipment, making the Solrødgård Water Treatment Plant both a catalyst for future green technologies, and a lively public space. 




  • Hillerød, Denmark