The Arvo Pärt Centre




The music of Arvo Pärt is widely interpreted as interwoven layers of structure and playfulness. The clear structural rhythm gives a calm comfort while the playful layers of violins or choirs carries the listener on imaginative journeys.

The proposal is rooted in the clear contrast between the layers of Arvo Pärt’s music and the vertical layers of the forest. The rectangular volumes rise from the forest bed while a playful journey of spaces between the volumes unfolds, like the story of the composer, as visitors move through the collection of buildings. The boxes create a setting for the centre’s primary functions creating a series of foyers, atriums, niches and circulation spaces which tie the boxes and main functions together.

The site, located in the dense pine forest of Estonia, provides an evocative backdrop for the Arvo Pärt Centre. To maintain the feeling of the Laulasmaa, the archive centre is conceived of as a series of smaller volumes similar in scale to the existing built structures in the area.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Laulasmaa, Estonia
Client: The Arvo Pärt Centre
Gross floor area: 2,070 m2
Year of design: 2014 - 2014
Type of assignment: Honorable mention in international competition


  • Laulasmaa, Estonia