Cossack History Museum




The Cossack History Museum has an exclusive setting in a park in the centre of Volgograd. The Cossack History Museum is positioned like a freestanding pavilion in the park surrounded by tall trees - like a shrine in a forest clearing inviting people inside.

A brick paved carpet loops through the park and shapes intimate spaces for reflection as well as open space for larger outdoor events between the tress. The brick carpet extends from the existing synagogue and rises as a plateau in the park forming the base of the new museum.

From the plateau and around the core a continuous loop of steps, ramps and exhibition floors lead the visitor through the museum in a transition from the public areas at the lobby to more private intimate areas as the visitor ascends upwards to the research archive under the ceiling. The central atrium is the informal meeting place where people see each other, get curious, talk and share knowledge.

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Project facts

Project facts

Location: Volgograd, Russia
Client: MAH Ldt.
Year of design: 2014 - 2015
Type of assignment: Competition



The lamella facade is a sustainable solution which creates a pleasant day lit interior atmosphere. The fa├žade is customized to the interior functions thus avoiding direct sunlight which would overheat or damage artifacts. The facade lamella is positioned to provide the optimal interior climate and the lamellas directional layout corresponds with the movement of the sun during the day and season. The museum changes appearance throughout the day due to the play of shadows on the lamella facade.


  • Volgograd, Russia