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  • 09. januar 2018

    Architecture is Both the Facade and the Spoons in the Drawer

    In my team, we design everything from interior plans and wayfinding to door knobs. It is a great strength for us as architects to be able to deliver a complete building from facade to furniture.

  • This because Interior Design and architecture are inextricably linked. Why? Here are two reasons.

     1) A building is also its furniture

    Interior design will create the final finesse that ensures that when you enter a building it feels like it is complete. I believe product design – customizing the inventory for a building – is a huge part of completing the building. Product design is an identity marker for the building and takes a huge part in creating the full experience. I believe that creating complete architecture is about working all through the building, so it is properly round off. From the façade to the spoons in the drawers. If something feels wrong in a building, even little things like a handle or doorknob – it affects the perception of the entire building. All details take part in creating the totality.

     2) The interior determines the building’s performance

    A building can change its users. We talk about staging human interaction at Henning Larsen, and whether a building works for its end-users is very much affected by the interior design. Workspaces, for instance, are directly affected by how the interior is designed. Currently, we are working a lot with activity-based working spaces. We work with the management to translate their business strategy to interior design projects and make sure that their employees are helped as much as possible by design. To design in compliance with the employees’ workflows will affect the business’ performance, and thus a building matters. Also the interior.

     In Interior Design, we always deliver a concept based on a trinity: Our professional knowledge, the customer’s business strategy and the architecture we work with. Interior Design is not just a supplement or add-on, but a full service, and can really enhance the architecture.