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  • En klimabevidst masterplan for Norges mest blæsende by

    Vores vision for Bodø er at transformere den nuværende lufthavnsplads til et nyt mangfoldigt distrikt, der er designet til at favne om byens unikke kvaliteter. 
    Artiklen er på engelsk.

  • We are proud to be one of three teams shortlisted in a competition run by the City of Bodø to reimagine the future of the Norweigan city, transforming a former airfield site to form the basis of a new district that emphasizes the city’s unique history, climate, and location. Our proposal was developed in collaboration with Alliance Architecture Studio, Goudappel Coffeng, Norsk Institutt for Kulturminneforskning (the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage and Research), and Kristiania Byplankonto.

    Located in the northwestern reaches of Norway, our proposal for the Bodø’s new weaves in the area’s unique nature to create a neighborhood linked to it surroundings, hinging on six design principles:

    1. Create a clear identity for the city of seasons.
    2. Use climate and local weather conditions (present and predicted) to inform a comfortable development.
    3. Craft a comfortable and vibrant community for all age groups.
    4. Strengthen Bodø’s urban core by making a framework for organic growth.
    5. Draw upon the existing urban and landscape qualities to craft those of the future.
    6. Design for future mobility solutions that are suitable year-round.

    To learn more about our design, watch the video here

    Learn more about the proposal at Bodø Kommune’s website