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  • Louis Becker udnævnt som jury i konkurrencen for nationalmuseet for koreansk litteratur

    Louis Becker slutter sig til juryen for den internationale konkurrence for nationalmuseet for koreansk litteratur i Sydkorea sammen med Gyu Rin Kim (Præsident, Korean Institute of Female Architects), Yong Seung Kim (Professor, Hanyang University), Ho Kyun Lim (Professor, Yonsei University), Kyung Hoon Lee (Professor, Kookmin University) og Thomas Vonier (Præsident, International Union of Architects).
    Artiklen er på engelsk.

  • <p>Global Design Principal Louis Becker has been named to the jury of the National Museum of Korean Literature in South Korea. As juror, he brings years of expertise in designing museums, libraries, and cultural buildings around the world.</p>
    <p>“This competition is an exciting opportunity to give form to Korean literature’s vast and historic body of work. I am honored to be a part of it and eager to continue to grow Henning Larsen’s profile and partnerships in the region,” says Louis Becker.</p>
    <p>The National Museum of Korean Literature will be a systematic collection and conservation of the Korean literary estates and will function as a significant base of domestic and global promotion and the exchange and cooperation of the worldwide spread of Korean literature.</p>
    <p>The National Museum of Korean Literature will strengthen Seoul’s 2030 plan for urban development to establish a people-oriented, culturally vibrant, historic, safe, and communal Seoul.</p>
    <p>The site for New National Museum is in Eunpyeong District, the northwestern part of Seoul. The area of the site for the competition is 13,248 m², and the total floor area is 14,704 m².</p>
    <p>The Jury will review entries at the beginning of June and will announce their decision on the 18<sup>th</sup> of June 2021.</p>