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  • Nordea Christianshavn

    The former headquarters for Nordea is a prominent, modern landmark at the waterfront that anchors the physical and visual entry to Copenhagen’s inner city.

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  • The project for the former shipyard in the Christianshavn quarter along the Copenhagen Harbor, comprises residential as well as commercial buildings within a historic part of the city. The headquarter complex contains 20 percent individual offices and 80 percent open-plan offices.

    The complex consists of four long buildings facing the harbor to the West, and a u-shaped building bordering a historic church with the Christianshavn neighborhood to the East. The four main building volumes are linked by intermediate buildings and footbridges. Some of the latter also connect the new headquarters to the existing offices.

  • The masterplan is a modern, site-sensitive plan aimed at celebrating and enhancing the site's history and context. The proposal is based on the historic 1617 guidelines for the district. The new buildings are arranged in a simple design with a clear street and pedestrian walkway around the historic Christians Church, the heart of the community.

    Architecturally, the complex is split up by heavy buildings which define and emphasize the space, while light building volumes stretch towards the harbour. Openings and slits in the building complex provide glimpses of the Christianshavn Canal as well as the Copenhagen harbour.