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  • Jacobsen Hus

    Jacobsen Hus ligger i et hjørne af Københavns Carlsbergbyen og kombinerer moderne konstruktion med gamle materialer for at skabe et hyggeligt rum til fælles opholdsrum.

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  • Jacobsen House combines the feeling of a classic villa with a modern square, with both the history and the surroundings reflected in its structure and materiality. Jacobsen House is located in the northwest corner of Carlsbergbyen, a neighborhood developed around the famed Copenhagen brewery. To the north, the residents have a view of the treetops in Søndermarken, a large urban park,  and to the south of the listed buildings and the new neighborhood. 

    Jacobsen House used recycled bricks in its façade in order to both reduce the CO2 footprint and preserve an aspect of local history. The unmistakably modern geometry reveals its recent roots, but the old bricks of the façade tell stories that are over 150 years old. The majority of the bricks used in the Jacobsen Hus façade come from the former Sønder field house, which was built on the same site in 1878.  The historic bricks ensure Jacobsen Hus a perfect interplay with the surrounding original buildings, while the sharp, clean lines and ample daylight characterize Henning Larsen's approach to the murderer Scandinavian architecture.

  • The building is home to 13 apartments, connected by a large shared courtyard lifted above street level and private to the residents. The shared space plays host to a range of neighborhood events and uses, from community dinners and parties to bicycle repair workshops and yoga classes. Balconies line the exterior entries, giving extra outdoor space to each of the residences. Together, the new apartments transform the physical history of the Carlsberg brewery into a sustainable element in the thriving district.