• News

    • Gdansk Embraces the Future with Major Urban Development Project

    • Transforming Brussels With Rooftop Farming and Canal Life

    • Bringing Livable City Success to Belfast

    • Major Step for First Built US-Project

    • A Town Hall Almost Hidden in the Landscape

    Featured Projects

    • Aarhus, Denmark

      Moesgaard Museum

    • Reykjavik, Iceland

      Harpa Concert Hall

    • Kolding, Denmark

      University of Southern Denmark

    • Munich, Germany

      Siemens Global HQ

    • Insights

    • Imke Wies van Mil

      Focused Lighting Helps School Children Concentrate

    • Sarah Müllertz

      The Importance of Furniture in Workspace Design

    • Jakob Strømann-Andersen

      3 Steps to Better Daylight in Buildings

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