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    About us

    Originating from the Scandinavian architectural tradition – we aim to create vibrant, sustainable buildings that transcend their physical bounds and provide lasting value to the user, culture and society of which they are part.

    • Who we are

      Henning Larsen is one of the most progressive and professional architecture practices in the world.

    • The Master of Light

      In 1959, Henning Larsen founded his own architectural practice, where he was active for more than 50 years. Henning Larsen designed a vast array of important works of architecture in Denmark and abroad. He was often described as “the master of light”.

    • Awards

      Henning Larsen has designed numerous distinctive projects that have received prestigious international awards.

    • The Henning Larsen Foundation

      The Foundation was established in 2001 to promote and disseminate Danish architecture. The foundation also arranges international competitions.

    • Social and Environmental Responsibility

      We are driven by an ambition to enable architecture to become a sustainable change agent. Our starting point is always what buildings can do for people and the communities in which they are situated.

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