• Approach

  • Henning Larsen is a full-service design studio, working from consultancy and concept development to detail design and site work. We have expertise in all phases and specialties, including sustainability, interiors, graphics, and lighting design

    Design Methodology

    Creating living, sustainable places, spaces, and communities is our overall ambition. Our process is based on a strategic, dynamic design methodology that allows curiosity and creativity to flourish in a non-hierarchical setting. We develop projects on the principle that knowledge should be shared; that the best ideas and results come to life when we work together across specialties and cultures. 

    Co-creation is a cornerstone of our work. Sharing our global network, knowledge, and experience with clients and consultants is a natural part of our design process. By bringing the most relevant experts to the table for each project's individual ambitions, we facilitate trustful, fruitful and truly creative collaborations based around shared ownership. 

    We work strategically in the intersection between design and applied research, integrating technology and knowledge into every stage of the design process. We take a holistic approach to the definition of sustainability – including all three pillars of the term: social, environmental, as well as economic sustainability.

    Our approach to project management is always to establish trust and clarity to create the utmost value within the project scope and optimize the project to its full potential.

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