• Approach

    • Design Methodology

      We offer full-service design, from client consultancy, through concept development and detailed design to built projects. Our architecture is progressive, always focusing on bringing the client’s ambitions to life, while at the same time providing lifelong added value to the users and local context. 

      Our work processes are based on a strategic, dynamic design methodology that allows curiosity and creativity to flourish in a non-hierarchical setting. 

      We develop projects on the principle that knowledge should be shared; that the best ideas and results come to life when we work together across specialties and cultures. Our office in Copenhagen employs people of more than 25 nationalities, who all contribute with unique competencies and know-how. Dialog takes center stage. This applies regardless of whether we are dealing with our internal design process or with our interaction with clients and external consultants.

      Knowledge is a vital design parameter, from defining an overall design strategy to the final materials selection. We work strategically in the intersection between architecture, engineering, and technology, integrating research-based knowledge into every stage of the design process. Taking this holistic, interdisciplinary approach, we provide the ideal setting for developing state-of-the-art projects. Our overall objective is to create living, sustainable architecture. For us, sustainability is an integrated part of all work processes and design stages. We take a holistic approach to the definition of sustainability – including all three pillars of the term: social, environmental, as well as economic sustainability.


      We believe in collaboration as the key to successful projects. It is all about cultivating an open, non-hierarchical dialog.

      While we often serve as process managers, architecture is always our main focus. As a means of achieving supreme architecture, we consider it a natural part of our collaborative approach to share our global network, knowledge, and experience with clients and consultants. By bridging national and global know-how, we attain trustful and fruitful collaborations based on shared ownership to the projects.  

      Co-creation is a cornerstone of our work. Thus, we frequently take steps to implement an even closer collaboration between client and consultants. Oftentimes, this means that we establish a joint project office where all parties work together under one roof. Our experience is that physical proximity can foster even more successful collaboration and hence even more productive design processes. For us, collaboration is a journey where all parties should be seen, heard, and enriched.

      Full-Service Consultancy

      Establishing trust and clarity in a project organization is vital to ensure a project that balances quality, time, and budget. Our approach to project management is always to create utmost value within the project scope and optimize the project to its full potential.

      We have expertise in all project phases and specialties – from client consultancy, through concept development and detailed design to project, construction, and ICT management. In addition, we offer in-house expertise in disciplines such as landscape design, sustainability, interiors, and graphic design. Thus, we have the competences to allocate the very best resources to each specific project, ensuring a full-service and robust team every time. 

      Our project managers are experienced in managing both projects and processes, including user involvement.

      User involvement often constitutes a key element in the planning and design processes. By involving the users, we are able to connect the project directly to its users from the very early stages. This creates ownership among the users and provides us with unique information about the functionality of the project.

      We believe that involvement of and respect for all professional disciplines promote a constructive dialog and foster a shared responsibility to achieve the project goals.

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