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  • The Henning Larsen Foundation

    The Henning Larsen Foundation was first established in 2001 with Henning Larsen’s private funds. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and disseminate Danish architecture in a broad sense. Each year on the founder's birthday August 20, one or more grants are awarded.

  • A number of young Danish architects have been awarded grants. And in 2007, 2008, 2012, 2015, and 2017, the Foundation has additionally organized international competitions in the fields of architectural photography, architectural drawing, writing about architecture, architecture and film, as well as architecture and music.

    The objective of the non-profit, charitable Foundation is to support Danish architecture – through further training, traveling grants, exhibition activities, publication of architecture books, and development and implementation of information technology for architectural purposes. The Foundation awards grants in acknowledgement of architects who have developed significant buildings or demonstrated other achievements of high quality.

    The Foundation is a natural extension of Henning Larsen’s personal interest in communicating and advancing architecture in parallel to his work as an architect and his professorship at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. This interest is also reflected in his establishment of SKALA architecture gallery and SKALA architecture magazine in the eighties.

    The Board consists of: 

      Troels Troelsen, architect (Chairman)
      Kent Martinussen, architect, CEO, Danish Architecture Centre
      Ingela Larsson, Architect
      Simon Ingvartsen, Architect  
      Bente Scavenius,
      Lone Backe, MA, BA in Art History
      Niels Bang, Lawyer

  • The Henning Larsen Foundation Award

  • As an extension of Foundation's core purpose - to promote and disseminate Danish architecture in a broad sense - one or more grants are awarded each year on Henning Larsen's birthday. A number of young Danish architects (including some now-famous names) have been awarded grants as part of this program, and in select years the foundation has held open international competitions to encourage global participation in the program. 

    The 2021 edition asked entrants to explore ideas around architecture and utopia; previous editions have explored photography and architecture (2007), drawing architecture (2008), writing about architecture (2012), architecture and film (2015), and architecture and music (2017).

  • Architecture and Utopia: Henning Larsen Foundation Competition 2021

    The 2021 edition of the Henning Larsen Foundation was an open international competition on the theme of Utopia in architecture, drawing inspiration from Henning Larsen's endless curiosity and ambition towards utopia. The Henning Larsen Foundation is proud to announce the winners of this year's competition on the topic of Architecture and Utopia. Peruse the thoughtful, provocative, beautiful works of the six awarded entries (and a broad selection of submissions).

  • Leth + Gori win the 2020 Henning Larsen Foundation Award

    “In the Henning Larsen Foundation, we haven’t been able to ignore the similarities between Leth & Gori and the practices of Henning Larsen himself; running a studio, a gallery (SKALA) and teaching. In a time where specialization and growth are in demand, but, unfortunately, also contributes to creating distance between practice, teaching, research and communication, the breadth and curiosity from which Leth & Gori’s work take its departure serve as inspiration for many, which the foundation wishes to honor and appreciate through this year’s award.”

  • Previous Award Winners

    The Henning Larsen Foundation has, over the years, recognized many great talents in design and architecture.