• He ensures the quality and ‘constructability’ in the detailed design phase

    Carlos Ramos Fernandez works as a Constructing Architect at Henning Larsen. He was employeed in 2015.

  • What interests you most about your job?
    The thought of constantly learning and improving my skills, and the opportunity of creating and finding superior solutions in collaboration with colleagues, clients, and collaborators.

    Do you remember what it was like to start at Henning Larsen? 
    It was a great and very nice experience. I started on a very large international project, and I was immediately given a lot of trust and responsibilities which made me feel welcomed and needed.

    What do you most value at Henning Larsen?
    My colleagues and the atmosphere around them! Everyone has their own set of skills, knowledge, and culture. They’re always willing to help and provide you with constructive feedback.

    Which project makes you most proud?
    The new headquarters and research center for JOTUN. I was on the team during the detailed design phase of the project doing a lot of coordination with engineers and suppliers, ensuring the quality and constructability of several areas of the project.

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