• From Intern to Lead Design Architect

      Ewa Bryzek thrives to inspire and to contribute to an environment where everyone feel they are a part of the creative process and nobody is afraid to bring their ideas to the table - or the pin-up board for that matter. She has been with Henning Larsen since 2012

    • What interests you most about your job?

      For me it is the moment of getting a new competition brief. A new, completely empty site, a tabula rasa, which waits for new ideas. The project can end up in a million of ways, but it is all about discovering the right train of thought, the 'aha' moment right for this particular context and client. This is the most interesting but also tricky part of being in a competition team. Usually the deadlines are quite fast so decision making has to be quick and precise.

      Can you remember what it was like to start at Henning Larsen? And what’s your approach to welcoming new colleagues?

      I started as an intern. My plan was to stay in Copenhagen for 6 months and go back to Poland to finish my studies. In a few weeks of living in Denmark, my life changed completely - I met my partner, started learning Danish and just fell in love with this place: both personally and professionally. I continued my internship for the next semester while at the same time finishing my studies back in Poland and afterwards, I was hired as an architect straight away.

      I really like working with colleagues and interns from around the world. Everyone has so much to bring to the table! We have different experiences, which makes it only more interesting.

      What do you value most about working at Henning Larsen?

      It is not only the international environment, but also a possibility of travel. I was stationed in Hong Kong for 6 months, where I could experience a very different way of living and designing than in Copenhagen. Apart from that, I was working on projects e.g. in Australia and in the U.S., where I traveled to work for a few weeks periods. It is nice to design from your Copenhagen desk, but it is even better to emerge in the culture, work with the local architect and make the most out of the task you are given.

      Which project are you the proudest of?

      I usually work with competitions, but my favorite project was the one I carried through almost all the phases: Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. It started with a very short competition, which we won. Later on, I was working on the project until the end of detailed design, so I know every corner of the building.



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