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    • She oversees project deliveries and ensures consistently high professionalism

      Architect Helle Basse Larsen has many years of experience in heading complex construction projects and processes from start to finish. As head of operations, she dedicates her expertise to ensuring consistently high professionalism in all of the studio’s project deliveries. She has worked at Henning Larsen since 1996.

    • What interests you most about your job?
      In my job as head of operations, I am deeply involved in ensuring that all of our projects have the optimal framework for development. This requires contractual conditions, collaborations, and fees that reflect the expectations of the project to be delivered. I am also delighted to use my many years of experience and knowledge about project development processes to guide our project managers. Working on projects is highly complex and very exciting. I have a strong interest in achieving processes that create space for development, which enables us to maximize the ambition and quality of the projects. Critically exploring and developing the various types of processes also fascinates me. Well-defined frameworks lead to high satisfaction among developers, users, partners, and employees. I also think its fantastic to work with the development of our talented employees, our competencies and the tools required to deliver with consistently strong professionalism.

      Can you remember what it was like to start at Henning Larsen? And what’s your approach to welcoming new colleagues?
      I was hired as a project architect with ten years of experience. I quickly realized that if I was willing to challenge myself and take responsibility, the opportunities were right in front of me. It was an irresistible thought. The opportunities I’ve had at Henning Larsen have led me from project architect to project manager, followed by Project Director and now Head of Operations. I always try to welcome new colleagues with great openness and give them as much information as possible. This creates the basis for a strong cooperation. And good cooperation is a prerequisite for my ability to develop and inspire a team of employees.

      What do you value most about working at Henning Larsen?
      I have great respect for the variation of the expertise represented at Henning Larsen. I have served as project manager for many of our complex, large-scale projects. Its always a pleasure to work with a team of talented colleagues who are driven to embrace challenges.

      Which project are you the proudest of?
      Without a doubt, it is the Copenhagen Opera House. I was Project Manager during the project development and the construction phase. It was an extremely intense four years from planning to delivery of the completed project. We had a team of super skilled colleagues and partners. It was demanding, challenging, and wonderful to be a part of.