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    • 21 August 2009

      Henning Larsen celebrates his 50th Anniversary

      On 20 August 2009, Henning Larsen celebrated his 84th birthday and 50th anniversary.

    • Hundreds of people attended the reception at the company’s address in Copenhagen to congratulate Henning Larsen. When he founded the company in 1959 after a study period in the US, he started out with a student as his only employee. Today, the company is one of the largest architecture companies in Europe.

      At the reception, CEO of the Danish Architecture Centre, Kent Martinussen, held a presentation on Henning Larsen’s work over the years.

      In his own speech, Henning Larsen said:

      “When I started the company in 1959, it was located in Kattesundet, a small street in the old part of Copenhagen, in the second courtyard, on the second floor. And there I was preparing competition proposals.

      From the very beginning, a significant part of the company’s work has been based on competitions, leading to first prizes - and then buildings.

      During the first six months, I won three competitions, including first prize in a large Nordic competition for a new university in Stockholm.”

      The international focus has made Henning Larsen Architects one of the most international architecture companies in Denmark with projects in more than 20 countries and offices in Iceland, Syria, Saudi Arabia and China.