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    • 22 June 2021

      World-Class Research Centre Opened in Oslo

      In August 2009, a new cancer research centre designed by Henning Larsen opened in Oslo. This means that the national cancer hospital of Norway, the Radium Hospital in Oslo, now has access to world-class research facilities. Henning Larsen won the assignment in an international architectural competition in 2000.

    • The research centre of almost 18,000 square metres comprises two wings and a large atrium. The research facilities are located adjacent to the treatment facilities of the hospital ensuring a close contact between cancer research and the treatment of cancer patients. This synergy is necessary in international research environments.

      The building is an example of an outstanding modern research environment. The research centre comprises high-technology, flexible laboratories for basic research and treatment facilities with very high sanitary requirements. The extensive amount of technical installations has been consolidated on an underground floor, which makes it easy to access and change them without disturbing the researchers. The technical facilities are not visible in the rest of the building.

      Focus has been on providing friendly, attractive and bright spaces everywhere – also in the cell and gene therapy sections where sanitary requirements are normally so high that it is necessary to isolate them in the building. By means of an zone between the facade and treatment rooms, the design team has succeeded in bringing plenty of daylight into the building. The researchers have a spectacular view of Oslo Fjord. The glass facade is 7,000 square metres.

      ”We have strived to achieve an innovative research environment that is open and attractive to the researchers. The building provides the necessary space for both international conferences and informal day-to-day meetings between the researchers”, explains Lars Steffensen, architect and partner in Henning Larsen Architects. "In our projects, we aim to provide the best possible framework for everyone. In this project, this applies to researchers as well as patients. The physical framework is crucial for the mental well-being and recovery of the patients".

      The new research building of the Radium Hospital comprises seven research departments with approx. 300 employees and a treatment centre for stem cell therapy