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    • 22 June 2021

      Scandinavian Golf Club Awarded the Carpenter Award

      Henning Larsen and the carpentry company Jakon have won the Danish Carpenter Award 2009. The award is presented by the Carpenters Guild of Copenhagen and was awarded for the clubhouse to the Scandinavian Golf Club in Farum.

    • The president of the award committee, guild master Flemming Kjærgaard, stated this reason for the committee’s choice:

      “Headed by Søren Øllgaard, Henning Larsen has designed a masterpiece that is in the field between Frank Lloyd Wright’s significant houses and functional Scandinavian architecture. With its large cantilevers, courageous lines and a combination of few but high-quality materials, the clubhouse is a pleasure to look at and stay in.”

      The award is presented for the first time this year. The Scandinavian Golf Club has not been completed yet but will open in 2010.