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    • 18 August 2010

      Ringsted High School Inaugurated

      Ringsted High School was inaugurated this week. The celebration took place in the new high school building, which will be housing 180 pupils and 16 teachers.

    • The inauguration took place in the large multipurpose room, which will constitute the high school’s canteen and common gathering point. The yellow writing on the walls, designed by artist Nanna Dubois Buhl, signifies the way words and phrases interact and open our minds to the world. The patterns also show the constellation of the stairs on the day of the opening.

      The school is accessed from the campus square and the multipurpose room will link together the different study areas, teaching sections and teachers’ facilities. With its mixture of open and more intimate rooms for group work, the building is designed to meet state-of-the-art ideas regarding student-activating learning.

      In addition to the high school Henning Larsen Architects have been designing a masterplan for the entire campus area comprising Ringsted Gymnasium, EUC and VUC – together called Campus Ringsted. With its future extension Ringsted High School will consist of five parallel classes comprising all levels.