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    • 17 November 2010

      Inauguration of Reykjavik University

      On Thursday 11 November, the most recent extension of Reykjavik University was officially inaugurated. The extension constitutes phase 2 of the university building covering a total of 90,000 m2.

    • Reykjavik University, Reykjavik Haskólínn, is designed as an independent, circular city with streets and squares. The project was won by Henning Larsen and ARKÍS architects in an international competition in 2006 and realises the idea of the university as a city where the faculties are organised as independent urban quarters situated around a uniting, inner square.

      The two new building volumes comprise the central administration of the university and the large central square, respectively. The square provides access to all university departments as well as the future more public functions of the building such as a café, restaurant, art gallery, bookshop and library.