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    • 04 April 2011

      Healing Architecture Wins in Herlev

      Henning Larsen and the consortium consisting of the architecture companies Friis & Moltke and Brunsgaard & Laursen, the engineering companies NNE Pharmaplan and Orbicon, the consulting company Norconsult and landscape architects SLA have won the competition for the extension of Herlev Hospital. A total of five consortiums participated in the competition.

    • The 52,000 m2 extension will comprise a new emergency department and maternity services centre, including a pediatrics unit and maternity ward. The project consists of three circular buildings placed on rectangular bases – which are displaced from each other creating a number of inviting outdoor spaces. The new extension thus constitutes a down-scaled and compressed contrast to the 120 metre high rectangular geometry of the existing hospital.

      ”Herlev Hospital is a fine example of the functional hospital architecture of the 60’s. However, a lot has changed since then, and we know today that technology only forms part of a good treatment process”, says Partner Lars Steffensen, Henning Larsen Architects. “The hospital of the future should offer a number of additional qualities. It should provide a worthy and sensuous framework for patients, relatives and employees.”

      An extract from the citation reads: ”The project powerfully unites building design and landscape into an architectural whole providing patients, relatives and staff with the experience that “focus is on the individual”. The project must be emphasised for its high and well-argued ambition level for healing architecture.”

      ”A human building scale contributes significantly to good patient care. A hospital should have a clear and well-arranged layout, just as the different wards should be easily recognisable. The various spaces should offer distraction and a calm, peaceful atmosphere”, says Partner Lars Steffensen, Henning Larsen Architects. “We have had particular focus on children and their families. The fragility that children represent when having to go to hospital requires special care and attention.”

      The recreational and healing effect of nature is well-documented. At Herlev Hospital, this knowledge is taken seriously – thus, luxuriant courtyards, green roof gardens and a large, central green heart provide the new hospital with an altogether vibrant and life-affirming atmosphere.

      According to schedule, the construction of the hospital should start in May 2014, and the extension is expected to be ready for use in October 2017. A later planned phase includes a patient hotel, conference facilities and a research school, among others.