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    • 22 June 2021

      New pioneer project in green building

      Henning Larsen has won the competition for designing a 12,000 m2 commercial property in Oslo – a project which will spearhead the development of flexible, green building in Norway.

    • The framework for the new property has been developed together with NCC Property Development. As a result of the strong focus on sustainability and climate-neutrality, the project has been selected by the Norwegian FutureBuilt as a pioneer project in green building. FutureBuilt is a 10-year programme initiated by the National Association of Norwegian Architects with the vision of developing climate-neutral urban spaces and architecture of a high quality. The new domicile in Østersjøveien 27 in Oslo is designed as a modern passive house. The Integrated Energy Design puts focus on daylight and spatial layout and is carried out in sustainable materials. The building integrates the surrounding urban space as part of its spatial qualities while also giving something back by opening up to the city so the in-house activities enrich the surrounding city life. The building consists of two separate volumes connected by a joint, central panopticon where displaced, cubic meeting rooms stretch out into and fill up the atrium. A staircase winds all the way up through the panopticon providing users with contact and access to the individual floors. The flexible and future-proof design allows for different tenants to use the building spaces for both retail and offices now and in the future. In addition, the design makes it possible to convert the building – or part of it – into residences at a later point. Henning Larsen Architects has worked with sustainability as an integrated part of its projects over a number of years. For the Norwegian domicile, sustainability also includes aspects associated with user behavior and operation.