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    • 29 September 2011

      New Sustainable Town Hall Opens in Viborg

      With an energy-efficient design, solar cells on the roof and thermo-active slabs, Viborg Municipality will get Denmark’s first sustainable town hall – designed to provide the very best framework for the meeting with the citizens as well as an attractive work environment for the more than 900 employees in the central administration.

    • The new town hall is situated in a previous military area on the outskirts of Viborg. Shaped as a white sculpture floating above a dark base, the building opens up to the town hall square and the new green park. Employees and visitors are invited into a building characterised by brightness, openness and flexibility. The green roof running from the building base beautifully interacts with the landscape and the green parking roofs surrounding the front square.

      In the large atrium rising up six floors from floor to ceiling, a broad staircase constitutes a sculptural, uniting element. The employee cafeteria and kitchen are placed on the top floor of the building offering a nice view and direct access to a large roof terrace.

      The facade structure provides the building with a distinctive expression – and at the same time offers protection from the sun. The shape of the roof reflects the sculptural geometry of the atrium. Altogether, the 19,400 m2 building will be a landmark in the area, a modern workplace and a new place in town for both citizens and employees.

      Photos: Thorbjørn Hansen, Kontraframe, Martin Schubert og Thomas Mølvig