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    • 12 December 2011

      Henning Larsen Opens New Branch Office in Munich

      Henning Larsen has opened a new branch office in the South German metropolis of Munich, where the company won first prize in the competition for the new headquarters of the leading global company, Siemens, in June.

    • The new office situated in central Munich opened in the beginning of November and occupies a staff of 15 employees, including both German and Danish architects. The main focus area of Henning Larsen GmbH will be the design of the new Siemens Headquarters, which will be a spearhead project in innovative, sustainable design in an urban context. Siemens headquarters engages in close dialogue with the city and creates a number of central urban spaces, and the project thus requires a sound understanding of the urban context, local traditions and not least presence in the city. Therefore, a new branch office has now opened on one of the floors of the German collaboration partner, CL MAP.

      The new Siemens HQ is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2015. Werner Frosch, architect and project manager at Henning Larsen since 2000, manages the office and serves as Project Director for the Siemens project. Henning Larsen GmbH will also use its presence in Munich to establish new networks and explore business opportunities in Central Europe.