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    • 27 February 2012

      Skodsborg Spa & Fitness Inaugurated

      Henning Larsen has designed the new extension to Skodsborg Spa & Fitness. Recently, the first guests were invited into the evocative building that adds a new chapter to the hundred-year-old history of Skodsborg Health Centre.

    • The meeting between Mediterranean bathing culture and Nordic architecture creates a special atmosphere in the new building. Daylight, nature and its many colors are brought all the way into the building, setting the stage for a varied sequence of spas and pools. A variety of different spatialities, materials, temperatures, and humidities excite the guests' senses and create a surprising element in the white, cubic universe.

      Skodsborg Spa & Fitness opened on 13 February this year and one of the first guests at the health center was architecture critic Karsten R. S. Ifversen. Extract from his review in the Danish newspaper Politiken on 19 February 2012:

      ”… the building unifies some of Henning Larsen Architects' best qualities: With its solid, white walls on which the Northern light can paint the shades of the day, the atrium finds inspiration in Arabic architecture. This is combined with an open building design that provides views of the surroundings and the adjacent spaces.”

      A large skylight in the central space of the building lights up the largest pool. At the same time, the large windows ensure that the entire pool area on the ground floor is illuminated from north to south and create visual contact with the green outdoor patios.

      The original Skodsborg Sanatorium was founded in 1898 in a number of old stables. Since then, the health center has developed into an architectural gem where different styles, protruding cornices, and jagged roof ridges engage in beautiful, harmonious interaction. The new modernistic, quadratic extension accentuates and builds on the qualities of the existing buildings.