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    • 14 June 2012

      Designing The Adaptable House

      Henning Larsen and the innovation unit of 3XN, GXN, have been selected to design ‘The Adaptable House’ – a development project with focus on sustainability and reuse of materials for the Danish house marked financed by the Realdania Byg foundation.

    • ’The Adaptable House’ is a development project that will identify the opportunities for creating a one-family house adaptable to changes in aesthetics, functional requirements and technological developments – by means of demountable and replaceable building components.

      The house should be so flexible that it can be adapted to the changing needs and requirements for our home through our lives – and the solutions should be based on a ‘do-it-yourself’ principle as far possible.

      ’The Adaptable House’ is expected to be realized as part of an Exploratorium in a new residential area in the town of Nyborg, Funen. The Exploratorium will consist of a total of four houses that illustrate different aspects of resource consumption and CO2 emission in housekeeping and building. All projects are designed and built within the framework of a single-family house with a standard construction budget.

      The first workshops have already been held, and the project has had a successful start. After completion, the house will open to the public so everyone gets the opportunity to see the result up close. The house is expected to be inaugurated in summer 2013.

      Henning Larsen participated in a similar development project for the Danish Technological Institute in 2008-2009. The project, ‘EnergyFlexHouse’, is a house that can be dismantled with a view to study various types of façade structures and compare the building regulations of different times.