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    • 21 August 2012

      Recognition for Viborg Town Hall

      On 14 August, Henning Larsen Architects and Viborg Municipality were recognized with an award for ‘good and beautiful building’ in Viborg. The award was won for the new Viborg Town Hall, the first sustainable town hall in Denmark. 

    • Viborg Municipality’s committee for the recognition of ‘good and beautiful building’ is behind the award. The committee writes about Viborg Town Hall:

      ”The interior opens up in a bright central atrium, sculpturally shaped by the five levels of the building, which are connected by an elegantly twisted staircase… This results in a very open house where everything and everyone is visible, but where efficient acoustics and delicate lighting make the building very comfortable to stay in.”

      Viborg Town Hall is recognized for its unique character as a modern workplace for the employees and a welcoming place to come for the citizens. The building is situated as a sculptural volume, floating above a base of lower buildings at the main arrival to Viborg’s new knowledge center. The lower buildings frame the Town Hall square and stretch into the new, green park – in this way creating a natural arrival for both citizens and employees.

      Viborg Municipality established the committee for the recognition of ‘good and beautiful building’ more than 25 years ago – with the objective of putting the focus on quality and good architecture in the municipality. The current committee’s members include Mayor Søren Pape Poulsen and architects Klaus Tolstrup (C. F. Møller Architects) and Anders Strange (Aart Architects).