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    • 27 September 2013

      A House That Lasts for a Lifetime

      The Adaptable House identifies the possibility for achieving CO2 savings by means of a flexible design, adaptable to our changing requirements for our home through life. More than 20 curious visitors took the opportunity to get an insight into what might become the single-family house of tomorrow.

    • On Tuesday 24 September, the first visitors were invited on a guided tour through The Adaptable House in Nyborg. The project forms part of Realdania Byg’s development project, Upcycle House, in which a total of six single-family houses illustrate different aspects of resource consumption and CO2 emission in housekeeping and during construction.

      The Adaptable House identifies how a flexible design of a single-family house can minimise the need for conversions and extensions and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Our needs and requirements for our home change throughout life. The Adaptable House offers a number of specific solutions for addressing the changed needs as they arise.

      In the design of the house, adaptability is coupled with an overall vision to reduce CO2 emissions. Special features about The Adaptable House include:

      • The house components can be demounted and extended without destruction of existing components.
      • The replaced components can be reused in new networks.
      • The components are produced in standard sizes and from standard materials.

      ”The adaptability not only lies in the house itself, but in the many possibilities for new functional layouts that it offers. Every configuration is a complete house – but as new needs arise, the solution is obvious and easy to implement”, says architect and Head of Sustainability at Henning Larsen Architects, Signe Kongebro.

      A family can save 26 tons CO2 by choosing The Adaptable House in preference to a standard house*. In addition, it can save 33 tons CO2 annually for heating and operation. Last, but not least, The Adaptable House consumes 36 % less energy than a standard house.

      The Adaptable House is designed by Henning Larsen in collaboration with GXN.

      * Based on a 170 m2 house with an energy consumption of 60 kWh/m2/year.