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    • 18 October 2013

      Ground-Breaking Ceremony for ZSW

      Yesterday, the Ground-breaking ceremony for ZSW - Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research took place in Stuttgart. At the same time, the symbolic ceremony marked the 25th anniversary of ZSW, which – with the new Center – will be secured a state-of-the-art framework for their future research and innovation activities.

    • Situated in Stuttgarter Engineering Park (STEP), the new building will create a new, distinctive entrance to the Park and provide an insight into the ongoing research. It has been a specific wish of the researchers that their work is reflected in the facade design.

      The Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research comprises offices, laboratories, meeting and conference facilities, designed as a grid of small units to meet the requirement for a highly flexible workplace.

      The individual spaces can easily be connected to create larger spaces as needed. The different units are made up of modules – with a large, open courtyard or atrium in the middle of every module. This structure accentuates the spatial qualities and facilitates the users’ orientation in the building. The atriums bring daylight far into the building and are natural gathering points during the workday.

      The scale of the building adapts to the local context, which accommodates both families and large research institutions. The various heights of the modules thus also represent the diversity of research activities and departments at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research.