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    • 22 June 2021

      A Modern Wooden House in Trondheim

      The new Leüthenhaven marks a new and modern chapter in the story of wooden houses in Trondheim, Norway. With the facade in Scots Pine the new office house for the municipality continues the long tradition of wooden houses in Trondheim. The new Leüthenhaven will be neighbour to old townhouses from the 17th century.

    • The new Leüthenhaven’s interaction with the surroundings, combined with high demands for interior daylighting have been significant factors in the design of the facade for the Trondheim Municipality. The facade at once subtly adapts to its surroundings while standing out as something extraordinary and inviting.

      The building is designed with a sheathing of certified Scots Pine. Scots pine is one of the most commonly found types of wood in Fenno-Scandinavia and has traditionally been used as sheathing of building in Norway due to its high wearing properties. The timber is fell and bio-modified locally.

      Besides its environmental advantages, Scots pine has a high aesthetic value, achieving a delicate silky grey patina as it is exposed to wind and rain; it is able to stand up to the rough and changeable Norwegian climate without the need for continued maintenance.

      The facade of the new Leüthenhaven follows a long and characteristic tradition of building wooden houses in Trondheim—a city with the longest continuous line of wooded houses in the Nordic Countries. Since the early 1700s wood houses have dominated the Trondheim cityscape, and in 1841 it was decided that Trondheim should remain a ‘city of wood’. The new Leüthenhaven is designed in alignment with this vision.

      The down-sized scale of the office building – as regards height and geometry – relates to the surrounding city. With its human scale, the building meets the city at eye level, and the displaced floors and projections contribute to opening up the building to its context.

      The New Leüthenhaven will be a new gathering point in the city, providing the setting for community and informal meetings. The design of the new office facilities for Trondheim City in Leüthenhaven beautifully connects the building to the new cinema, front square and existing theatre as well as the many other educational and cultural institutions in the area.